ETM TRT SHOM Publications, LLC distributes educational materials for professionals, patients and managements applying Etiotropic Trauma Management™ (ETM), Trauma Resolution Therapy™ (TRT), and Strategic Human Ontological Management™ (SHOM) to, respectively, traumatized organizations, individuals and communities. Those clinical and management activities have been described to and for application by  participants engaged in aspects of ETM TRT SHOM initially in a series of written publications hardcopy printed and copyrighted from their inceptions (1979). Beginning with the Internet in 1993, the distribution was made available online through distance learning tutorials published at  All pertinent information related to clinical and management model development, theory, implementation, and authorization for use may be found at that location.

In 2014, ETM TRT SHOM celebrates its thirty-seventh year of helping individuals, organizations and communities affected by psychological trauma.