Final Phase of TRT

This pamphlet is the last instructional aid and explains how to complete TRT. The pamphlet number is:


This material is for TRT participants. It also provides family members and friends information about the TRT program so that their support for the participant may be enhanced. The TRT Educational Program, including this material, is not intended for general interest reading. It is not a solicitation to engage in TRT. Neither is it authorization to provide TRT to anyone. TRT is authorized for use only under the supervision and facilitation of a Certified TRT Counselor. The authors of TRT, and or their designates, are the TRT certifying authority.



TRT Phase Five

Phase Five is the last phase of TRT as it is applied to a particular set of trauma-causing events. So far, TRT has helped you identify the trauma and its effects on you. Simultaneously, interactions with other TRT participants, coupled with TRT’s written structure, normally provide for the trauma’s actual resolution. If you have completed the first four phases, then the hard part of TRT is over.

In this final phase of TRT, the goal is to summarize what you experienced from the trauma resolution process. There are two parts to the summary.

The first part frames the different losses according to their prospective levels (see Appendix in Pamphlet D or Dd). Nothing is required other than that each loss that was reflected in column 4 of the first matrix and column three of the second matrix be listed according to its level on a single sheet. Figure 1 may be used as a guide.

Figure 1


You can read this summary to your group after consultation with your TRT counselor.

The second part of the summary requires special creative writing from you and those with whom you are engaged in TRT. “Creative” in this sense means that we ask you to draw upon your intuition or spiritual guidance, depending on your individual preference, to help you describe “you.”

This “you” is the Person who existed before the trauma occurred and who has been with you throughout your experience. It is a representation of your character and your being. This is who you are, as distinct from the Survivor you needed to be to respond to the trauma-causing events.

Once you have completed your description, your TRT counselor will establish a time for you to share what you have written. However, this time, before you begin, the other participants will share what they have written about you. From this collective process, you should come to see who you were before the trauma, who you were during the time when you were trying to survive, and who you are today, now that the trauma is being resolved.

This is the end of the TRT program.


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